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Posted by sydowjtech71213 | Posted in Challenge Posts | Posted on April 17, 2013

When a group of kids went exploring in a forest, they saw a sign. It read “A secret hides in the forest.” These kids were curious and so they split up and searched for this secret. One of the kids, Billy, saw an old woman cooking bacon. He stopped by and the woman grabbed him and hid him in a cave. The others, Kim, Mitch and Louis had find the woman’s dog. Kim had a bad feeling about the dog so she took off running. Mitch and Louis stayed and were then grabbed by the old woman and taken to a cave with Billy. The police went searching but they never found the three boys. A year later, they were discovered in a cave 10 miles from the forest, but the old woman was no where to be found.

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Very interesting jamie

very very very interesting


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