Blogging Challenge 10


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This challenge is the last one for this year!!! We are asked to answer a set of questions. Here they are-

  • How many posts did you write?
  • For this challenge, I have written 10 unique posts.
  • How many were school based, your own interests or set by the challenge?
  • 8 of the blogs were for the challenge and the others were for a school assignment.
  • How many comments did you receive from classmates, teachers or overseas students?
  • I have recieved 8 comments. One was an overseas blogger.
  • Which post received the most comments? Why do you think that happened?
  • My Blogging Challenge 5 post recieved the most comments of three. I think this happened because my friend wanted me to have more comments.
  • Which post did you enjoy writing the most and why?
  • The post that really made me wanna keep writing is Bloggging Challenge four. I love using pictures to describe my likes and what I love to do.
  • Did you change blog themes at all and why?
  • I honestly had to have changed my blog a million times!! I loved all the themes and I could not just pick one. I tried many ones and finally found the one I like which is diplayed right now.
  • How many widgets do you have? Do you think this is too many or not enough?
  • I have a total of nine widgets. I think I could have more, but my blog is a little crowded.
  • How many overseas students do you have on your blogroll?
  • I have three overseas blogs on my blogroll. I am going to get more so their blogs can be visited.

Here are a set of questions that a friend of mine answered-

  • What were your first impressions of this blog?
  • I thought it was a very creative blog and I loved the colors!
  • What captured your attention?
  • The theme of your blog really caught my attention. It was bright and colorful.
  • What distracted you on the blog?
  • Nothing really distracted me. The blog was organized really well.
  • What suggestions can you give me to improve my blog?
  • I think you did a great job on your blog. i think you could add more adjectives in your posts to make them come alive.


Blogging Challenge 9


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For this challenge I did game 1. I visted three unique sites. The first was Akon’s. I left a comment on his post about his favorite artists and songs. The second blog I visted was Georgia’s. I commented on her creative ways to reuse a holy sock. One last blog I visted was Matthew’s. I commented on what different people he would like to meet. I chose to comment on these posts because they caught my attention and were really good. Check them out!!!

Blogging Challenge 6


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When online, I will sometimes change my personality. When I am talking to someone I might ignore them because I might not wanna talk to them. I also put more of my music I like online then I tell people at school. Many people are different online. There are people who pretend they are a character from a movie. Bullying is also easier because then you do not have to see there face. I have friends that are really different online. For example someone might be shy at school but message alot of people online or post alot on Facebook or Twitter. People should always be the same on or off the internet.

Blogging Challenge 5


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When a group of kids went exploring in a forest, they saw a sign. It read “A secret hides in the forest.” These kids were curious and so they split up and searched for this secret. One of the kids, Billy, saw an old woman cooking bacon. He stopped by and the woman grabbed him and hid him in a cave. The others, Kim, Mitch and Louis had find the woman’s dog. Kim had a bad feeling about the dog so she took off running. Mitch and Louis stayed and were then grabbed by the old woman and taken to a cave with Billy. The police went searching but they never found the three boys. A year later, they were discovered in a cave 10 miles from the forest, but the old woman was no where to be found.

Blogging Challenge Four


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P365x52-61: Earpods (macro)
Photo Credit: Faruk Ateş via Compfight

For this challenge, we needed to show a picture and write a post about our passions. My passions are music and earbuds. I love music and I listen to it 24/7.  I usally listen to any kind of music I have on my IPod. Right now its One Direction in my main music app and heavy metal on Pandora. I always have loved earbuds in my ears and these ones in the image are really comfy! I also always have the right earbud in my ear no matter what. I use earbuds for everything from Technology in school or to listening to music on the computer. If music wasen’t around or earbuds, I would go crazy because I am very passionate about things like music and earbuds!


Blogging Challenge Three


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The challenge was be creative. I decided to show a presentation of ten ways to reuse a holey sock. Here is my art work!! enjoy

Week 2 blogging challenge


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I am very passionate about music. I listen to music all the time. I am not a girly girl and listens to One Direction or Justin Beiber. I am more about heavy metal like Halestorm or Avenged Sevenfold. I love Pandora because it mixes up heavy metal and I explore more of it. I still listen to hip hop but you can mainly see me on Pandora listening to heavy metal. My favorites bands are Black Veil Brides, Eminem, Halestorm, and Shinedown. Many people question my music but I always brush it off and be me. As you can see, I might not be a normal girl who listens to hip hop, but I still love me and my music!!

Week 1 blogging challenge


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What kind of questions would you ask if you could meet ten celebrities dead or alive that inspire you? Well i would have many questions, I can only ask one and these are my questions and celebrities I would ask.

10. Steve Jobs– What motivated you to keep working and make Pixar and Dreamworks?

9. Missy Franklin- Was it hard for you to train for your first Olympics?

8. Ryan Lochte- How do you train for the Olympics?

7. Carrie Underwood- How did you become a singer?

6.  Izzy Hale- What led you to become a heavy metal singer?

5. Harrison Ford- What made you think you wanted to be an actor?

4. Brent Smith- Does your lyrics in “The Sound of Madness” mean anything to you?

3. Christina Perri- How are some ways you think of lyrics?

2. Eminem- Where do you get your inspiration from?

1. Andy Sixx- How did you come up with the band Black Veil Brides?

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